Bulletin: March 15, 2020



+ Parish Schedule for the Week March 15, 2020 +

Sunday, March 15 [Third Sunday of Lent]:

   8:00 am + Bishop Christopher Weldon – int. Parish

 10:30 am + Robert Newcombe – int. Jim and Cyndi Newcombe

      2:00 pm – Gorzkie Żale 

Monday, March 16

   8:00 am – Grace and Blessings for Kaitlyn Jacques – int. Jacques Family

Tuesday, March 17 [St. Camillus and St. Peregrine Novena][St. Patrick]

   5:30 pm + Helen Christian – int. Wanda Kozloski

Wednesday, March 18 [St. Jude Novena][St.Cyril of Jerusalem]:

   5:30 pm + Jerry Watkins – int. Jim & Cyndi Newcombe

Thursday, March 19 [ST. JOSEPH, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary]:

   5:30 pm + Walter Gochinski – int. Great-Grandchildren Paige, Jack & Kitty

Friday, March 20:         (The FIVE WOUNDS)

    5:30 pm + Edward Siwizki – int. Family

(Stations of the Cross to follow Mass)

Saturday, March 21:

   8:00 am – Grace & Blessings Louise Jacques – int. Jacques Family

   4:00 pm + Helen Christian – int. Brother, Joseph

   6:00 pm (Spanish) – For our Parish and Parishioners

Sunday, March 22 [Fourth Sunday of Lent]:

   8:00 am – Health and Blessings Joseph DeVito – int. Fritz Family

 10:30 am + Edward and Virginia Greene. – int. Jim & Cindy Newcombe

   2:00 pm – Gorzkie Żal

+ Królowo Polski Módl Się za Nami 

GORZKIE ŻALE, the chanting of the passion of our Lord, will take place on Sunday, March 15th and on all the Sundays of Lent at 2:00 p.m.  This weekly devotion follows Jesus and Mary to the sufferings of Calvary.  Bilingual books are provided.  Also, please join us for a free showing of the new movie Love and Mercy: Faustina following Gorzkie Żale in the undercroft.  The movie runs just under 2 hours.  

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TUESDAY, MARCH 17th is the Feast of St. Patrick, was a 5th Century missionary to Ireland and later served as Bishop there.  He is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland and will be remembered at the 5:30 p.m. Mass.

Image result for free pictures of St. Cyril of Jerusalem

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18th is the Feast of St. Cyril of Jerusalem who worked to establish true belief and right discipline within the Church. He suffered exile and persecution for his orthodoxy.  This Bishop and Doctor of the Church will be remembered in the Mass at 8:00 a.m.

THURSDAY, MARCH 19th PROCESSION – SOLEMNITY OF ST. JOSEPH, beginning at 4:30 p.m. in lieu of the Holy Hour we will have a Eucharistic Procession around the church building in reparation asking Jesus for healing and an end to the Coronavirus followed by Benediction and Mass at 5:30.  As always, in keeping with the Polish tradition of breaking the Lenten fast for this glorious Saint, some sweets will be available for the children, young and old!

THE WEEKLY ST. JUDE NOVENA will be prayed at the 5:30 p.m. Mass on Wednesday, March 18th.  This is a continuing Novena that may be begun at any time.  All are welcome to come and pray for the intercession of St. Jude, the patron of desperate cases.

STATIONS OF THE CROSS will be prayed immediately following the 5:30 p.m. Mass on Friday, March 20thnd and on all the Fridays of Lent.  This devotion follows the path of love Jesus walked to His crucifixion.  The relic of the True Cross will be venerated after this service.

THE PRO-LIFE NOVENA will continue on Saturday, March 21st before the 8:00 a.m. Mass.  All are welcome to pray in supplication for an end to the violence of abortion and in reparation for our lack of love which makes abortion acceptable in our nation.

OUR LADY’S HOLY ICON will visit the home of Claire Hughes for a week of prayer and petition for the needs of our Parish. We thank you for this work of power and love.

SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION will be administered this year on Sunday, May 31st, to grades 10 and 11 and to all adults who have not yet made their Confirmation.  Please be sure to register for classes. This is an important step for all Catholics.  There can be nothing that can take priority to these classes! The Diocese has set certain guidelines and these must be followed.

THE ST. JOHN PAUL YOUTH GROUP thanks all of you for your generosity during the chocolate sale. It was very successful. The money helps offset the costs for the Steubenville Youth Conference this summer.  What are you funding? Here is one parent’s reflections on the youth conference: “The Steubenville youth conference has proven to be one of the most powerful, inspiring and faith filled experiences of my children’s teen years (3 teens so far)  It has been an opportunity to not only grow in their faith, but to grow in community with other teens.  My children returned from these conferences each time with gratitude not only for the opportunity to attend, but with thanksgiving for our faith and our family. The blessings and graces received from God through this conference have been life changing and have helped my husband and I lay a stronger faith foundation in our children’s spiritual lives. Such an important conference for our youth! “We have 25 teens signed up so far and we are hoping for 50, so join the fun and meet Jesus where he may be found!

FRASSATTI  FELLOWSHIP OF BRATTLEBORO invites young adults ages 18 to 39 to join them for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner party. Bring a prayer intention and a Rosary! Contact Dan Berger with questions: dan.berger@protonmail.com, 802-451-0247.

When: Tuesday, March 17 at 6 p.m. (after 5:15 daily Mass)

Where: St. Brigid’s Kitchen, 38 Walnut Street, Brattleboro, Vt.

ENCOUNTER WITH JESUS AND MARY” – LENTEN TALK BY INTERNATIONAL CATHOLIC SPEAKER – ROY SHOEMAN born and raised in New York by Jewish parents who fled Nazi Germany.  In his talks Roy weaves together his personal witness testimony with discussion of the role of Judaism in salvation history from the beginning to the end of time, as illuminated by Catholic Doctrine.  Join us to hear his presentation “An Encounter with Jesus and Mary” at Our Lady of Czestochowa on March 29th following Gorzkie Żale.

NEWS OF OUR SHUT-INS – If you know of anyone who is a shut-in and unable to attend Mass, or if you know of any parishioner who is in the hospital or nursing home, please notify the rectory at 413-863-4748.  Father O’Mannion would be happy to visit them to administer the sacraments on a monthly basis.


Saint Joseph

Virginal Spouse of the Mother of God

by Dom Prosper Guéranger, Abbot of Solesmes

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     When the Son of God came down to earth to take on our humanity, He needed a Mother; that Mother could be none but the purest of virgins, and the divine maternity was not to alter Her incomparable virginity in any way.  Until the Son of Mary would be acknowledged as the Son of God, His Mother’s honor required a protector:  a man was therefore called to the ineffable glory of being the Spouse of Mary.  That happy mortal, that most chaste of men, was Joseph.

     Heaven designated him as the only one worthy of such a treasure, when the rod he held in the Temple suddenly flowered, as if to give a tangible fulfillment to the prophetic oracle of Isaiah:  There shall come forth a rod out of the root of Jesse, and a flower shall rise up out of his root. (Isaiah 11:1)  The wealthy candidates for the hand of Mary were dismissed, and Joseph sealed a covenant with the daughter of David which surpassed, in love and purity, all that the Angels had ever known in heaven.

    Being chosen to protect the Mother of the Incarnate Word was not the only glory of Joseph; he was also called to exercise an adoptive paternity upon the Son of God Himself. During the time that the Holy of holies was still shrouded in a cloud of mystery, men called Jesus the son of Joseph, son of the carpenter; and Mary — in the Temple, in the presence of the doctors of the law whom the divine Child had just surprised by the wisdom of His questions and answers — spoke thus to Her Son: Your father and I have been looking for You in bitter anguish. (Luke 2:48)

     And the Holy Gospel adds that Jesus was subject to them, that He was subject to Joseph just as He was to Mary.

     Who could conceive and fittingly relate the sentiments which filled the heart of this man, whom the Gospel depicts for us with a single word, calling him a just man(Matthew 1:19)


– A conjugal affection whose object was the holiest and most perfect of the creatures of God.

– The heavenly notification given by the Angel, which revealed to this happy mortal that his Spouse bore within Her the fruit of salvation, and which associated him as the unique earthly witness to the divine work of the Incarnation.

– The joys of Bethlehem when he was present at the birth of the Child, honored the Virgin Mother and heard the angelic concerts.

– When he saw the humble, simple shepherds who came to find the newborn Babe, soon followed by the wealthy Magi from the East.

– The anxiety which quickly interrupted so much happiness, when in the middle of the night he had to flee into Egypt with the Child and His Mother.

– The rigors of that exile, the poverty, the denudation which a hidden God suffered while he was His foster father, and the virginal Spouse whose sublime dignity he understood more and more.

– The return to Nazareth, the humble, laborious life he led in that town, where his tender gaze so often contemplated the Creator of the world taking part in common work with him.

– Finally, the delights of his unparalleled life in the bosom of the poor house embellished by the presence of the Queen of Angels and sanctified by the majesty of the Eternal Son of God, both deferring to Joseph the honor of being the head of the family, which by the fondest bonds gathered around him the Uncreated Word, the Wisdom of the Father, and the Virgin, the incomparable masterpiece of the power and holiness of God.


     No, never could any man in this world comprehend all the greatness of Joseph. To understand it, one would have to compass the entire extent of the mystery with which his earthly mission put him in relation as a necessary instrument. Thus we are not surprised that this Foster Father of the Son of God was prefigured in the Old Testament under the features of one of the noblest Patriarchs of the chosen people.

     Saint Bernard paints an admirable portrait of this wonderful relationship: “The first Joseph, sold by his brothers and thereby a figure of Christ, was taken to Egypt; the second, fleeing the jealousy of Herod, took Christ to Egypt. The first Joseph, true to his master, respected his wife; the second, no less chaste, was the guardian of his Queen, the Mother of his Lord, and the witness of Her virginity. The first received the knowledge of secrets revealed in dreams; the second received the disclosure of the mysteries from Heaven itself. The first preserved the harvests of wheat, not for himself but for all the people; the second received the guardianship of the Living Bread come down from heaven, for himself and for the whole world.”(St. Bernard, Homily II super Missus est.)

     A life so full of wonders could only come to an end in a death worthy of itself. The moment was approaching when Jesus was to emerge from the obscurity of Nazareth and manifest Himself to the world. His works were henceforth to bear witness to His heavenly origin: the ministry of Joseph was therefore accomplished. It was time for him to depart from this world, to go and await, in repose in the bosom of Abraham, the day when the heavenly gates would be opened to the just. By his deathbed, the One who is the Master of life kept watch, He who had often called this humble mortal by the name of Father. His dying breath was received by the purest of virgins, whom it had been his right to call his Spouse. It was in the midst of Their cares and caresses that Joseph fell asleep in the sleep of peace.

     And now, the Spouse of Mary, Foster Father of Jesus, reigns in heaven with a glory which, while certainly inferior to Mary’s, is decorated with prerogatives such as none of the other inhabitants of that place of happiness can enjoy. From there, he bestows a most powerful protection upon all who invoke him.

PRAY FOR VOCATIONS to the Priesthood from our Parish and for our Parish so that we might always have a Priest here to celebrate the Mass and administer the Holy Sacraments!  Please join in the Divine Mercy Chaplet to pray for vocations to the priesthood every Friday beginning at 4:45 p.m.


THE FOLLOWING MASS INTENTIONS have been sent to various Missionaries.  They will be offered as follows and you may attend the Masses here in our church as the Missionaries offer the Masses in their churches:

Sun., March 15: 8:00 – Health & Blessings Fr. Sean O’Mannion – int. Dana 

Sun., March 15: 10:30 

Monday, March 16: 5:30 

Tuesday, March 17: 5:30 + Christopher Gatautis – int. Dana Desreuisseau

Wednesday, March 18: 5:30 + Bernie Waryas – int. Eichorn Family

Thursday, March 5:  5:30 + Gertrude Waryas – int. Eichorn Family

Friday, March 6: 5:30 + Vincent Farland – int. Family

Saturday, February 29: 8:00 + Lucinda Seago – int. Holy Rosary Society

Saturday, February 29: 4:00 

PLEASE NOTE:  The above Masses not only assist the souls for whom they are offered, but they also help the Missionaries who often times receive very little help.  It also helps the people where the Masses are offered. Bóg wam zapłać!


ANNUAL CATHOLIC APPEAL Our parish has been asked to join with parishes throughout the Diocese of Springfield in support of the 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal. This year’s goal is $3 million dollars. The proceeds fund 45 ministries- many that support our parish- and charities across Western Massachusetts. You can participate by praying for the success of the campaign and through your donations. Please use the response card you received in the mail OR use an envelope found in the back of the church. We ask every family to prayerfully participate. Thank you. 

VISIT http://diospringfield.org/Ministries/child-youth-protection/ for resources for child abuse prevention and reporting.

ALTERNATIVES PREGNANCY CENTER – Pregnancy Tests, Counseling, Support Services, and Post Abortion Support, All Services Free and Confidential, 466 Main Street, P.O. Box 344, Greenfield, MA  01302-0344 — (413) 774-6010

THE TERESIANS – Please consider becoming a Teresian.  As we have said there is NO commitment.  We will notify everyone on the ministry list (via email) when someone is sick and in need of prayer or a visit OR dying and in need of prayer or a visit OR died and the funeral details.  It will be up to each individual/family to decide how they can minister.  No one is expected to respond to each need. If any parishioner knows of someone in need, please email Nancy Faller (nafaller@aol.com), so we can get the word out.


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CHURCH CHOIRSThe St. Cecilia Choir and Choristers, which sings at the Sunday 10:30 Mass and other special services, is always seeking additional singers of any experience.  We rehearse every Sunday in the choir loft following the 10:30 Mass, from 11:30 – 12:30. For information, please see Henry Gaida or e-mail hgaida@gmail.com. The Saint Gregory Choir is accepting new members with any level of experience, adults and youths. One need only have a desire to sing in the Mass. We sing sacred chant and 16th century sacred polyphony. We meet to rehearse in the choir loft every Saturday Morning at 9:30. We sing at the 8:00 Sunday morning Mass.  For more information, call Robert Heath at 772-8738.

GMEF ANNUAL GALA -PHILIP BAUER “THE LEGEND OF JOHNNY CASH”On Saturday, April 25, 2020 @ 7:00pm, at the Gill-Montague Education Fund 16th Annual Gala, Philip Bauer brings the sound and charisma of ‘The Man in Black’ to life with “The Legend of Johnny Cash”.  Some of the songs featured in the show are “I Walk The Line”, “A Boy Named Sue”, “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Ring Of Fire”. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to relive the music and magic of the one and only Johnny Cash.   

Advance Tickets are available at these locations: Hillside Pizza in Bernardston and Deerfield; Weatherheads/Dunkin Donuts in Erving; World Eye Bookshop in Greenfield; Scotty’s Convenience Store & Greenfield Savings Bank in Turners Falls; by calling Sandy at 863-7296 or at the GMEF website – www.thegmef.org.    Advance tickets are $25 – At the Door $30

The GMEF would like to recognize some very special people who help make our Gala possible!

Corporate Underwriters –   Freedom Credit Union, Greenfield Savings Bank, The Management Solutions

Corporate Sponsors – Construction Monitoring Services, Inc., Franklin First Credit Union,                 

Cheshire Glass Company and The Montague Elks


GROCERIES ARE PROVIDED by our parish for those who often come to the Rectory for help and we are often in need of the essentials.   In the Lenten spirit, you can help us to help the poor by leaving some of the following in the church vestibule: stew, soup, ravioli, crackers, baked beans, cereal, canned vegetables, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, and jam.  All donated goods must be such as requiring no refrigeration and can be stored for a period of time. Please help those who cannot help themselves! Bóg wam wielki zapłać!


The annual Easter Bazaar and Spring Gaik will be held at Our Lady of Częstochowa Saturday, April 4th from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. in the church undercroft and the St. Thérèse Catechism Center.  Included will be a Polish food sale, items from Poland, religious goods, sacramental gifts, bake sale, Easter and spring crafts, Chinese raffle, white elephant table and more.  Breakfast and lunch will be served.  

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them O Lord,

And Let Your Perpetual Light Shine Upon Them.

Mary Zmuda 3/15/1931

Martin Jarmak 3/15/1934

Caroline Kjolzior 3/15/1940

Katarzina Nicewicz Szczepanska 3/15/1961

Anthony Kopinto 3/15/1971

Janina Krauz 3/15/1973

Felix A. Verrier 3/15/1989

Henry Molongoski 3/15/2000

Edward J. Molongoski 3/15/2004

Michael Gutowski 3/16/1968

Frederick L. Hmieleski 3/16/2002

Creslaus Sokolowski 3/17/1938

John Kowalczyk 3/17/1964

Stanley P. Duda 3/17/1993

Adalbert Zywna 3/18/1925

John L Strysko 3/18/1977

Helen M. Verrier 3/18/1987

Brunoslaus Jarnus 3/19/1933

Ludwika Niedzwiecki 3/19/1960

Stanley Aksamit 3/19/1968

Thomas LaPan 3/19/1970

Boleslaus Nadolny 3/20/1927

Stefania Kuninski 3/20/1960

Joseph Zitta 3/20/1966

John Krejmas 3/20/1967

Edward A. Siwizki 3/20/1992

Michael V. Strysko 3/20/1994

John Klowan 3/20/1999

Charles L. Bourbeau 3/20/2012

John W. Potosek 3/21/1996

Alfred B. Kelley 3/21/2000

Janina Kobyra 3/21/2008

Remember the Holy Souls in Your Prayers

PLEASE NOTE that every day of the month is set aside to pray for a specific priest or deacon of the Franklin County Deanery.  Please join in dedicating every day to one of the clergymen designated in our calendar. The intentions for this week are:


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Bishop McDonnell Deacon Nolan Deacon Culliton Deacon Leary Fr. Aksamit Deacon Ratté Fr. Goni